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Alicia Buckle


Thank you for showing interest in the Alicia Buckle School of Makeup.

Each year I try to improve on the content I present. My courses are designed specifically for students that are passionate about the industry, but mostly have a love for makeup and hairstyling. One of my philosophies is to learn, learn and keep on learning, and then, practice, practice, and practice again. It would be my privilege to teach you everything I know about makeup and how to integrate your own style and passion and what you love to do with the latest fashion trends. Together we will kit you with the necessary “tools” to start your own makeup business and in order to gain valuable experience. I will try to support your journey in your new adventure as much as I possibly can.

I am so proud of each and every student that has attended my course(s) over the years, and eagerly await to see what new adventures they embark on in the makeup world. I have trained over 650 students over a period of 12 years. My school is situated in the heart of the winelands in Paarl (Western Cape).

We are also very excited to inform you, that we have applied for and met all the necessary requirements to become an ITEC approved Centre. We have been granted ITEC registration, conditional on a successful inspection of our Premises by an ITEC examiner in 2018.



About the Advanced Makeup Course

Classes are 2 days per week from 9:30 – 14:00

An all-round understanding of the preparation of your working environment, treatment area, tools, materials, clients, and self. Also, an understanding of makeup kits and essential tools.

An in depth understanding of the structure and function of the skin. How to do a good skin analysis before starting with your makeup application and what products are the best for your clients. Also, the knowledge to advise your client for future skin care products and treatments.

An in depth understanding of the different types of makeup, makeup applications, makeup products, its advantages and disadvantages.

The use of specialized lighting, corrective makeup for all face shapes and skin types and skin imperfections. Colour Theory – choosing the correct colour for your client and the colour wheel.

Topics of neutralizers, concealers, foundation, and powder. Also, blusher, lip liner and lipstick. Different eye shades, different eye shadow applications and corrective application. We shall
examine techniques and all aspects of the eyes in detail.

Makeup techniques such as day, evening, special occasions, bridal, mature, ethnic skin and Asian application. False lashes application (individual & strip lashes top and bottom). The history of
makeup, period makeup (the years 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970), makeup for magazines, makeup for television, makeup for fashion shows, art on the face and different eye makeup application (i.e. long eye, cat eye, Cleopatra, smoky, classic, leopard eyes and the like). Men’s grooming.

Business Management, such as how to get yourself “out there” and how to become established as a freelance makeup artist. We will finish with some career ideas.



About the Hairstyling Course

Classes are 1 day a week from 9:30 – 16:00

The fundamentals of hairstyling (the basic knowledge and skills that will allow you to maximize your creativity, boosting your confidence on sets, shoots, events and weddings).

Product knowledge (hairspray, mouse, styling cream, volume liquid, thickening spray, gel, silicon, hair wax).

Hair equipment (blow-dryer, straightener i.e. ghd, hot curlers, curling tongs, wand, hair crimpers, all different kinds of blow dry brushes, flat brush, combs).

Accessories (clips, pins, grips, nets, brooches).

Preparations (sectioning of the hair, blow-drying long hair, short, mid-length, including finger blow-drying, correct use of the curling tongs and different types of curls, setting of hair, correct use of a wand, pin up curls, velcro rollers, how to make use of hot curlers, correct use of straighteners i.e. ghd, adding hair pieces and working with extensions).

Hairstyles (correct teasing, buns in various forms, fashion ponytails, knots & twists, plaits – French / fishbone, bridal hair, fashion styled hair).

Please Note
This course is not a hairdresser course, but a hairstyling course. This course includes basic hair cutting but no colour of hair. You will be a specialist in doing any hairstyling for any occasions.

Alicia Buckle


Behind the scenes at Alicia Buckle School of Makeup