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As a little girl, it was always my passion and dream to make everyone around me beautiful. After studying somatology in 2004 a new and beautiful world opened for me, where I could look at women’s faces and understand different skin types and undertones. I clearly see all the imperfections but understand that with the right knowledge and tools we can enhance those imperfections. I understand as a woman how important it is to really care for yourself. After being a skin care therapist as well as a skin lecturer at Isa Carstens Academy in Stellenbosch, I opened my own School of Advanced Make Up and Hairstyling in 2010.

With one dream that came a reality, so many bigger dreams were born. I desired to teach every woman around me how they can empower themselves to truly feel beautiful and once they were ready, we sent the students out into South Africa to make a difference in the makeup artist industry. My school is Internationally Accredited and I have trained over 650 women who are doing such amazing jobs in their different areas of work. Five years ago I started another dream, to have my own makeup range. This is something that consumes my life every day. I fully understand the importance of the correct ingredients, quality, texture, and colours of products. Only the best will do! Make up has incredible power and potential. It gives every woman the ability to see herself again, to realise how beautiful she truly is, to rediscover herself and to proudly look at herself in the mirror each day. If you feel beautiful, you are stronger, you accomplish more, and you take better care of your loved ones around you. One make up product that has always been my favourite is a beautiful lipstick.

After 5 years and many test runs, samples and colour matching, I have found a great company in Italy who agreed to produce my 2 favourite colours, which are simply beautiful, and every woman can wear, whether  your skin tone is cool, neutral or warm.  I present to you my Natural Nude and Perfect Red. I hope you will also fall in love with these products. I am so excited to make up with you.