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1. An amount of 50% of the total Course Fee is payable to secure a reservation on a Course.
2. The outstanding amount of the Course Fee is payable no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the Course Commencement Date, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
3. A Student will not be accepted on a Course unless full payment of the Course Fee has been made. It is the responsibility of the Student, to ensure that Alicia Buckle has received proof of payment for the full Course Fee.
4. Alicia Buckle may, at her discretion, accept late reservations on the Course at any time prior to the Course Commencement Date. Late reservations will be confirmed once the full Course Fee has been paid.
5. In the event of a Student being unable to complete any Course, or part of the Course, no portion of the Course Fee will be refundable. At her discretion and without prejudice to these terms and conditions, Alicia Buckle may however offer a credit towards an alternative Course if a Student is unable to attend a Course for which full payment has been made due to exceptional personal circumstances.


6. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of both the written- and practical examination applicable to the Course.
7. If a Student fails a Course, re-examinations (including extra classes if necessary) shall be arranged on mutual convenient times for both Alicia Buckle and the Student. There will be an added cost for the re-examination and extra classes.
8. Upon failure of the re-examinations, Alicia Buckle reserves the right not to award a certificate to the Student.


9. Students should arrive promptly so as not to delay or disrupt the Course. The Course will not be delayed or Course elements repeated to accommodate late arrivals to the Course.
10. The Student acknowledges that Alicia Buckle is an independent free-lance make-up artist and is from time to time required to be available on short notices for various shoots. Alicia Buckle therefore reserves the right, upon reasonable notice to the Student, to make changes to the location and date(s) of the Course. Alicia Buckle will not be liable for any losses arising from changes in location and/or dates.
11. Should it become impossible for Alicia Buckle to commence or complete any Course due to Force Majeure, Alicia Buckle may at her own discretion suspend and/or transfer the Course, or any portion of the Course, to a later date.
12. The language medium of all Courses (i.e. training and correspondence) shall be either Afrikaans or English depending on the needs of the Student(s).
13. Alicia Buckle reserves the right to re-arrange or alter the structure and contents of any training syllabus forming part of a Course.
14. Only Students of a minimum age of 18 (eighteen) years and older may enrol for a Course. Proof of identity either in the form of a copy of a passport or identity document showing a photograph and personal details will be required before a certificate can be issued by Alicia Buckle.
15. Equipment and the content of the training syllabus provided by Alicia Buckle to be used during training which includes brushes, make-up products, skin care products, mirrors and the like, will remain the property of Alicia Buckle.
16. Any kit or portions thereof provided to the Student will remain the property of Alicia Buckle until full payment of the Kit Price has been made.
17. Students are asked to be considerate to other Students of the Course at all times.
18. Due to copyright law, the use of audio and/or video recording equipment during the Course is not permitted. Students may take their own photographs during the Course for their own records.
19. Alicia Buckle will not be liable for the consequences of delay in or failure to run a Course arising from Force Majeure. “Force Majeure” means acts, events or omissions beyond the reasonable control of Alicia Buckle.
20. The Student shall not have any claim of any nature against Alicia Buckle for any loss, damage or injury the Student may directly or indirectly suffer as a result of the participation and/or successful completion of the Course by the Student.
21. These Terms and Conditions read together with the Advertisement and signed Application Form by the Student, shall form the written Agreement between Alicia Buckle and Student.

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The Alicia Buckle School of Make-up and Hairstyling offers excellent practical and theoretical training for anyone interested in pursuing a serious career in the make-up industry. Her students are given the right tools, in both business and cosmetics, to start their careers as make-up artist and thrive in this industry. -
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